Information on booking & classification


Lodges, flats, villas or traditional houses for rent at all seasons and week-ends. Whichever your preference, they respond to very strict quality standards. They are visited regularly by tourism inspectors guaranteeing best service. Environment, equipments, comfort and service are key criteria leading to the "Cleavacances" label. To guide you in your choice, 3 ranges of comfort are available: 1, 2 or 3 keys.

Gites de France

This traditional lodging respects the local style. It is a house or an independant flat located on a farm, in the country or at the seaside. The comfort of the house is guaranteed by the national charter of the "Gites de France". The classification (1, 2 or 3 spikes) defines the quality standard of your house equipment. They can be rented for week-ends or full weeks at all seasons.

The tourist office is not responsible for tariff or availability. It does not handle booking nor reservations. The rental prices are for indication only and do not include the local tourist tax.

Please contact the owners for off-season renting possibilities.

A written contract and an inventory of fixtures are mandatory in each rental transaction.

The full list of rented houses & flats is available at the tourist office.

MAJ 12 September 2014 by Office de Tourisme